Rim Height Adjusters

IPI Height Adjusters

Official 10’ rim height is often discouraging to young players learning the game of basketball. IPI offers a wide range of rim height adjusters that can be designed into new or retrofitted into existing ceiling suspended or wall mounted goals. In all cases, devices allow lowering the rim to anywhere from 10’ to 8’ easily without sacrificing desired backboard and rim rigidity at the official 10’ height. Choose manual height adjusters with a variety of drive options or electric height adjusters that can be operated by any one of our control options. No matter what option you choose, you can satisfy the needs of all players with simple, quick and dependable rim height adjustment.

Center Mount Y-Frame Electric or Manual

IPI Y-Frame height adjusters can be mounted to either 6” diameter (18.9” circumference) or 6 5/8” diameter (20.8” circumference) center drop tubes. Available in either manual operated or electric operated models, each unit makes adjustments from official 10’ rim height to 8’ rim height quick and easy. Available to adapt to any common backboard size including 42” x 72” or 48” x 72” rectangular or traditional fan shaped. When raising and lowering, two 1 7/8” galvanized tubular tracks ride in steel guide tubes to provide smooth up and down operation. Easy to read rim height labels insure proper height every time. Specify center drop tube size, backboard type and manual or electric operation at time of order. Two-year limited warranty.

  • IPHA120YE Electric
  • IPHA120YM Manual
  • BA980EW Portable Electric Wand
  • BA931 Cordless Winder
  • TR86 Youth Mini Goal

  • Note: Our technical sales department can easily help you select the correct height adjuster and required adapters for your existing facility with the help of two or three photos if you wish.