Design files, certificates, specifications, and more can all be found below. 2D DWG/CAD and 3D RFA/REVIT/BIM files can be accessed by clicking on the black box with the product model number. BIM files are also available at ARCAT. Please contact us with any questions or if you need assistance with take-offs, customization, or product recommendations. Color samples for our digitally printed items, solid and mesh vinyl, and powder coating as well as catalogs and architect’s resource binders are available at no charge upon request.

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Download catalogs, manuals, certificates, warranties, specs, etc.

  • IPI by Bison Gymnasium Equipment Catalog
  • Bison Sports Equipment eCatalog
  • brp by bison Site Furnishings eCatalog
  • Specifications:
  • Aluminum and Steel Volleyball Systems 3-Part Spec
  • Custom Wall Mounted Basketball Backstops 3-Part Spec
  • Gymnasium Divider Curtains 3-Part Spec
  • Gymnasium Wall Padding 3-Part Spec
  • Y-Frame Ceiling Mounted Basketball Backstops 3-Part Spec
  • All Product Submittals
  • Color Charts:
  • Backboard Padding Colors
  • Divider Curtain Colors
  • Powder Coat Colors
  • Vinyl Padding Colors
  • Request Color Swatches
  • Certificates:
  • Comparison Chart
  • Made in the USA Certificate
  • Green (LEED) Statement
  • Warranty Statement
  • Post-Installation Documents:
  • Operation and Maintenance (Ceiling-Suspended Basketball Backstop) (Divider Curtains) (Wall Padding)
  • Inspection/Maintenance List (Ceiling-Suspended Basketball Backstop) (Divider Curtains) (Wall Padding)
  • Warranties (Ceiling-Suspended Basketball Backstop) (Divider Curtains) (Wall Padding)
  • Instruction Manuals:
  • IP810 Manual
  • IP850 Manual
  • IP860 Manual
  • IP870 Manual
  • IP880 Manual
  • Side Fold Series Manual
  • Stationary Series Manual
  • Swing Up Series Manual
  • Goal Tender Manual
  • Gym Command System II Manual
  • Videos:
  • Padding Options & Installation
  • Gym Equipment Control Device Options Video
  • Ceiling Mounted Backstop Video
  • Wall Mounted Backstop Video
  • Gym Command System 7 Configuration Video
  • Gym Command System 7 Runthrough Video
  • SpeedNET™ Ceiling Suspended Volleyball System Video
  • Quote Request Documents:
  • Divider Curtain
  • Basketball Backstop
  • Information Request Form
  • Project Protection Request
  • Our Commitment
  • Substitution Approval Request

  • Design File Downloads by Model:

    Download model-specific Spec, DWG (2D), CAD (2D), BIM (3D), and PDF files by clicking on the model number below.

    Indoor Basketball For additional submittals, visit

    Y-Frame Ceiling Mounted Backstops

    Portable Basketball Systems

    Wall Mounted Backstops

    Backboards and Backboard Padding

    Basketball Goals

    Height Adjusters

    Winches & Accessories

    Outdoor Basketball For additional submittals, visit

    Volleyball & Net Games For additional submittals, visit

    Soccer For additional submittals, visit

    Football For additional submittals, visit

    Gym Divider Curtains & Practice Cages

    Wall Padding For additional submittals, visit

    Gym Floor Covers