Ceiling Suspended Basketball Structure

IP1350FF Forward Fold, Rear Braced One of the most common designs. Suitable…

IP1350FF Forward Fold, Rear Braced One of the most common designs. Suitable for gyms where there is limited unobstructed overhead space behind the required backboard position but enough space to allow rear bracing.

IP1360FF Forward Fold, Front Braced When the distance from the wall to the backboard is extremely limited, front bracing and front folding is the best option despite the possibility that the front brace may occasionally interfere with play.

IP1370FF Forward Fold, Offset Y, Front Braced The offset Y frame design results in greater structural rigidity and allows the front bracing to be closer to the backboard position reducing possible interference during play. Also ideal for attachment heights above 28’. Requires more distance from wall to backboard than IP1360FF.

IP1345BF Backward Fold, Rear Braced The perfect design for gyms where there is significant unobstructed space behind the desired backboard position. No bracing, cables or other structural members are in front of the backboard at any height to negatively impact play.

IP1345SF Side Fold, Side Braced A good choice when there are concerns about avoiding interference with volleyball courts but the backboard position is too close to the wall for backward folding structures or if ceiling heights are below ideal levels.

IP1345CW Stationary, Wall Braced When folding structure is not required and backboard is no more than 10’ from the wall, this system will provide the most affordable and rigid option available.

IP1345FRBF Forward Roll, Backward Fold, Rear Braced Unique design allows the upper portion of the Y Frame to roll forward toward the court so that the backboard can fold backward to the ceiling. Ideal when space behind backboard location is limited.

IP1345CS Stationary, Ceiling Braced Similar stationary structure as IP1345CW to the left except for use when wall to backboard distance is more than 10’ or wall attachment is impossible or undesirable so that either forward or rear bracing is substituted for wall bracing.

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