Divider Curtains (Top Roll, Walk Draw, and Multi-Sport Cages)

IP870 Top Roll Curtains Unlike Roll Up curtains that wind the curtain…

IP870 Top Roll Curtains

Unlike Roll Up curtains that wind the curtain around a lower roller, Top Roll rolls the fabric around a 4” diameter upper drive pipe resulting in smooth, wrinkle free curtain storage. Top Roll has the smallest ceiling storage space requirement and can be designed for heights up to 36’ and single unit lengths up to 100’. With no straps, cables or pulleys, the curtain simply rolls around a single cylinder. The bottom of the curtain hangs straight due to a 1 5/8” diameter pipe fully hidden in a pocket in the curtain bottom.

IP810 Walk Draw Curtains

Simple, low cost, dependable operation with no electrical requirements and easy installation are the hallmarks of Walk Draw curtains. Much like a shower curtain or hand drawn window drapes, Walk Draw curtains roll smoothly and quietly on a galvanized 1 ¾ “ x 2” high steel track, roll formed of heavy 14 ga. steel. 1” diameter nylon ball bearing wheels and chain hanger assemblies are spaced 12” apart horizontally and attach to heavy steel grommets in the curtain. Depending on facility requirements, curtain can be designed to pull all in one direction or either direction along the curtain length. There is virtually no limit to the length, height or configuration of Walk Draw curtains including around corners. Curtain can be stored up against walls with wall straps provided or bundled with bundling straps anywhere desired.

IP860 Multi Sport Cages

Ideal for baseball, softball, golf, tennis or other sport practice indoors. Provides safety protection from other simultaneous activities in the facility. Typically mesh is 7/8” black polyester square. Cage mesh is suspended from a 1 5/16” galvanized steel pipe frame with cast iron connector fittings. Entire cage assembly is raised and lowered by means of a ¾” HP, 115 volt single phase reversible winch and can be operated by any of our wide range of control devices found on page 9. Cage width, length and heights are custom designed to meet your facility’s needs.

Solid Color and Mesh Color Options

Mesh colors:
A – White, B – Red, C – Blue, D – Yellow
Vinyl colors:
E – Red, F – Maroon, G – White,
H – Dark Blue, I – Light Blue,
J – Yellow, K – Dark Green,
L – Beige, M – Gray, N – Black

Not shown, but also available:
Gray mesh, Black mesh, Navy Blue vinyl

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