Y-Frame Ceiling Mount Structures

With eight optional styles to choose from and attachment point heights up…

With eight optional styles to choose from and attachment point heights up to 36’, IPI can provide virtually any sports facility with rigid, safe and easy to operate and maintain basketball systems. All IPI Y-Frame fabricated steel components carry an industry leading limited lifetime warranty and will likely last longer than the gym itself with periodic inspection and maintenance.

All Y-Frame center drop tubes are constructed of 6” OD, 11 ga. mechanical tube which provides 35% more structural steel than 6 5/8”, 14 ga. tubing used by some other manufacturers. Diagonal side supports are constructed of 2 3/8” OD structural tube and intersects the 6” drop tube no more than 30” above the top of the backboard to insure maximum rigidity. The top horizontal cross member is 2” x 3”, 11 ga. rectangular steel tubing.

Entire Y-Frame is welded with extra gusseting at critical connecting points on structures when the floor to attachment point heights are under 28’. Heights over 28’ bolt together with ½” grade 5 hardware and have additional diagonal bracing for added integrity. Our 1” threaded adjustment hanger bolts allow perfect alignment and installation and are safer than smaller adjustment bolts provided by others. Y-Frames are suspended by 3” schedule 40 pipe for spans up to 16’ and with 3 ½” OD and 1 7/8” OD structural pipe welded bridge trusses on greater spans.

All steel parts including Y-Frames, hanger brackets and overhead pipes have a polyester powder coated finish available in a wide range of colors including a primer suitable for field painting. 7,000# breaking strength, ¼” diameter aircraft cables run through 2 ½” diameter solid steel pulleys to insure safe and reliable electric hoist or manual winch operation. ¾ HP or 1 HP, 115 volt, single phase hoists can be operated by a wide variety of control devices including traditional 3 positon key switch, wireless handheld controller or programmable 4” monochrome or 7” color hardwired control panel.

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