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Backboards, Rims, Padding & Accessories

BA42XL Glass

This popular unbreakable 42” x 72” glass backboard is perfect for competition courts and integrates an “off glass” goal mounting design that isolates the stress of dunking or hanging on the rim from the ½” tempered glass. This allows us to offer an unconditional lifetime warranty. Order BA48XL for 48” x 72” glass backboard.

BA455 Fiberglass

42” x 72” Fiberglass Backboard is 1” thick and features 1/8” thick front and rear high gloss gel coated fiberglass skins sealed around a solid wood composite core. The front has a permanently molded-in border and shooter’s square and the rear has threaded steel inserts for rigid permanent mounting. Ten-year limited warranty.

BA465 Fiberglass

Popular 39” x 54” fan shaped fiberglass version of BA455 backboard. Ten-year limited warranty.

BA495 Steel

Our most affordable gym backboard option. Great for side courts,
elementary schools or other facilities where a competition size glass board is not required. 39” x 54” fan shaped, 12 ga. steel skin has heavy rear steel support structure, white powder coated finish and orange shooter’s square and border. Ten-year limited warranty.

BA35S Breakaway

ProTech™ Breakaway Goal fits all 42” rectangular glass and
fiberglass backboards above and is supplied with a premium antiwhip net. Order BA35 to fit 48” tall and fan shaped backboards. Unconditional three-year replacement warranty.

BA3180S 180° Breakaway

Baseline™ 180° breakaway goal is a popular choice for collegiate and high school programs where dunking is common. Baseline flexes to the front like standard breakaway goals but also flexes to the left and the right in a 180° arc, for player and backboard protection from any direction. Fits all 42” tall backboards. Order BA318OT for rim to fit 48” tall and fan shaped backboards. Three-year repair or replacement warranty.

BA27 Fixed

Standard official goal for use in facilities where dunking or hanging on the rim is unlikely, so the backboard and player protection of a breakaway goal is not needed. Fits all styles and manufacturers backboards. One-year limited warranty.

BA68U DuraSkin®

DuraSkin® is the original premium molded bolt-on backboard padding and meets all NCAA, NF and FIBA rules. Available in Black, Kelly Green, Scarlet, Royal, Orange, Forest Green, Columbia Blue, Maroon, Gold, Gray, Purple, Navy, Vegas Gold, Cardinal, Brown, Burnt Orange and Pink. Bison BA42XL above is predrilled for easy bolt-on mounting. Ten-year replacement warranty.

Molded-in Goal Relief

Molded-in Goal Relief

Powder Coated Tough

Design files, certificates, specifications, and more can be found on our website on our Toolbox page. Please contact us with any questions or if you need assistance with take-offs, customization, or product recommendations. Color samples for our digitally printed items, solid and mesh vinyl, and powder coating as well as catalogs and architect’s resource binders are available at no charge upon request.

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