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Ceiling Mounted & Portable Basketball & Volleyball

Portable basketball systems are a popular choice when ceiling or wall mounted systems are impractical or impossible. All IPI portables are padded for player protection, roll on floor-friendly casters for transport and storage and have enclosed ballast compartments. Choose from our wide variety for international competition to elementary school use and anywhere in between. Call for assistance to select the portable that best fits your program’s needs.

For details on our complete line of portable basketball systems, visit the web at www.bisoninc.com.

IPI Ceiling Suspended Volleyball System

Ceiling suspended volleyball systems are the perfect solution for gyms and facilities that require frequent and quick changeover from basketball to volleyball or other gym activities. IPI’s IP40000 is designed for maximum net tensioning and is retractable to the ceiling without removing or loosening the tension on the net. System included custom fabricated structure to fit in virtually any building design, competition net, net antennae, post padding, and 110 volt winch. Choose a control system that best fits your budget. Meets all NCAA and NF equipment rules.

Optional Ceiling Suspended Official’s Platform

Designed for easy and safe official’s access. IPV40JS is fully padded with a pull up access ladder that doubles as a security gate for official’s safety when latched. IPV40JS must be included, if required, in initial order as retrofitting after initial installation is difficult and expensive due to mounting method. Platform can be installed at various heights as desired. Meets all NCAA and NF equipment rules.

T-Rex 96 Competition™ A great balance between competition level features and budget conscience design. T-Rex 96 has a full 8’ safe play area and is suitable for aggressive play at all levels where 10’ 8” safe play area is not required. Order T-Rex Side Court for same portable but with 5’6” safe play area.

T-Rex 54 Club™ Many of the same features as larger T-Rex portables, including a full size competition glass backboard but with a reduced base size and 4’6” safe play area. Great for rec center and side court play.

VB8100 Arena II™ Freestanding Portable

Large arenas and multi-use facilities where elite level volleyball is played but where floor sockets or anchors are difficult, expensive or impossible due to ice rink refrigerant lines, portable flooring systems, upper floor location or other constraints may find this system an excellent option. Official’s platform is built into one end.

VB8100JR Arena™ JR Freestanding Portable

Truly portable with no anchor or loose ballast and a super streamlined base. Complete system includes 3″ Centerline® aluminum pole system that can be used both in the bases and in gym floor sockets. Order just the VB80JR padded bases to use with your own 3″, 3 1/2″, or 4″ poles. Order VB76 Official’s Platform separately.

Design files, certificates, specifications, and more can be found on our website on our Toolbox page. Please contact us with any questions or if you need assistance with take-offs, customization, or product recommendations. Color samples for our digitally printed items, solid and mesh vinyl, and powder coating as well as catalogs and architect’s resource binders are available at no charge upon request.

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