Electric Backstop Winches

Lightweight, but not lightweight when it comes to power, safety and durability. ¾ HP instantly reversible motor develops 1250# of cable lift at a speed of 9 feet per minute. ¼” diameter, 7000#aircraft cable winds on a 4½” diameter grooved aluminum drum. Hardened, positive locking, steel worm gears are designed with a 200:1 reduction to eliminate backlash and slippage common on belt driven winches. Additional features include easy to set limit switches, cable take up tension roller, UL listing and optional remote control operation. Includes key switch, cord and 110 volt plug. Order BA973LR for ¾ HP Electric Backstop Winch or BA974LR for 1 HP Electric Backstop Winch.

Divider Curtain Winches

Hardened steel worm gear, solid gear case, precision ball bearings and 100% repeatable limit switch design make this winch an industry leader. ¾ HP model develops 2300 inch/pound of torque at 8 RPM. ¾ HP model draws up to 14 amps of 110 volt AC power with a 20 minute duty cycle. Order IPDC973LR for ¾ HP Electric Divider Curtain Winch or IPDC974LR for 1 HP Electric Divider Curtain Winch.

BA925LR Manual Backstop Winch

Many retractable swing up basketball backstop installations do not require electric backstop winches. BA925LR mounts to the wall and comes with an easy-to-operate hand crank with ¾” square drive. Can easily be adapted to replace existing tired and difficult to operate manual winches. Can also be operated with optional BA930 Portable 110 Volt Hand Winch Driver. Order SUCBLFT ¼” aircraft cable and any needed cable pulleys and brackets separately. Wood wall mount board included. Five-year limited warranty.

BA930 Portable 110 Volt Hand Winch Driver

Makes raising and lowering manual crank swing up structures faster and easier. 7 AMP, ½ HP high torque winch. Reversible up and down operation. Two speed motor. Includes both ½” (BA93250) and ¾” (BA93275) square drive adapters to operate BA925LR manual winch or other manufacturers’ manual winches. To use BA930 to operate Bison ZipCrank rim height adjusters, order BA935 Drive Shaft separately. One-year limited warranty.

IPDC955LR Divider Curtain Safety Lock

Designed to stop the 23/8” diameter drive pipe on IPI Fold Up, Top Roll and Roll Up divider curtains from inadvertently free falling due to the failure of critical components. This self-lubricating device is load rated at 1250# and will automatically lock when 23/8” pipe rotation reaches 200 RPM or 1” per second which would indicates abnormal operation.

IPGTSA Saf-Alarm (not shown)

Add Saf-Alarm to any 115 volt electric hoist to create an audible alarm when that device is being raised or lowered. Helps avoid possible injury during equipment setup and tear down.

BA950LR Gym Overhead Aut-O-Loc™ Safety Belt

Protect fans, players, floors and bleachers from damage if any overhead apparatus fails due to improper installation, maintenance or other failures. Use on ceiling suspended basketball or volleyball systems, wrestling mats, batting cages or any equipment that could cause injury or damage. Also commonly used on wall mounted basketball systems. Required in some states and in some circumstances by NCAA rules. Each BA950LR includes mounting clamps to connect to 3½” outside diameter ceiling supported structure and comes with retractable 34’ of safety belt attached to equipment structure. Patented single use design improves safety by eliminating the reuse of a unit that has been activated by a gym equipment attachment failure. Device prevents equipment free fall by sensing both speed and acceleration engaging its catch mechanism only when it is serving its intended safety purpose. Operates much like an automotive seat belt. Recommended for 100% of the overhead equipment in every facility. Five-year limited warranty.

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