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Easy Gym Control Options IPI offers a wide range of options to…

Easy Gym Control Options

IPI offers a wide range of options to control the electrical devices in your gym. From traditional wall mounted key switches to our technologically advanced Gym Command 7 Color Touch Screen, you will find an operating control system that fits your needs. Consult an IPI dealer or representative to assist you in specifying the control system for your facility

Gym Command™ 7 System

The most sophisticated control system in the industry. The 7” high resolution, wide aspect ratio color touch screen with LED backlighting creates a comfortable, easy-to-read control panel in any lighting condition. Software displays highly intuitive images on the screen for foolproof operation. Behind the screen, Gym Command System 7 features powerful 1 MB ladder logic memory and has built-in USB and flash drive ports, Ethernet capabilities, expandable I/O and other features not found on other gymnasium control systems. Programming is initially performed at the factory according to customer specifications but can be reprogrammed using a micro SD memory card that plugs directly into the controller. Entire UL rated controller operates on 115 volt AC power and is housed in a durable metal wall mounted enclosure. Gym Command System 7 is made in the USA to ensure future service and replacement compatibility allowing us to offer a 10-year limited warranty. Gym Command System 7 has all the horsepower that your facility will ever need. This system requires 115 volt field hardwiring from central box to all control devices.

Gym Command II™ System

Control individual fold up backstops, fold up volleyball systems, motorized divider curtains, retractable practice cages and rim height adjusters with this programmable menu driven control system. The transflective LCD display is approximately 4” wide. Programmable to allow individual device control or simultaneous control in groups as desired. Control electronics are housed in a durable enclosure and each installation includes an easy-to-read wall mounted legend plate for dependable and safe operation. This system is hardwired and requires 115 volt wire runs from a central panel to each device mounted in the ceiling. Made in the USA. Five-year limited warranty.

BA975KS Key Switch

Traditional key operated switch. Up-Down labeled cover plates available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 gang box options

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