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Overhead Safety is Priority 1, 2, and 3 at IPI

By their very nature, heavy overhead gym equipment create unique safety concerns for both players and fans. Equipment that is retractable to the ceiling increases these concerns and the need for care in the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of that equipment. IPI takes this responsibility seriously and takes multiple steps to reduce risk of injury and property damage.

Clamp Design – For many years, 100% of IPl’s clamp assemblies have been pre-drilled for installation of 1/4″ spring pins at time of final installation to reduce the possibility of clamp slippage and rotation over the extended life of the structure.

IPSAFE – Cable assemblies are now provided with every shipment of overhead basketball and volleyball equipment to add redundancy to the location where the gym equipment is attached to the building structure. These cables act as a second line of protection against catastrophic failure.

BA950LR Aut-O-Loc Safety Belt – Acting much like a car seatbelt, Aut-O-Loc catches falling structures in case of sudden failure of winches, winch cables, pulleys, or cable attachment points. While IPI has always included BA950LR in our quotations, even if not included in the specifications, we strongly encourage this additional investment in the interest of safety.

Beginning January 1, 2023 IP requires the inclusion of Aut-O-Loc on all overhead and wall mounted structures that are retractable to the ceiling or wall unless we receive a signed authorization by the facility owner or representative that they have been notified of the availability of the safety device but decline including it in the project for cost or other considerations.

Fully Welded Frame Design – Except in the case of extended attachment heights, all IP Y-Frames are fully welded reducing risk of loose assembly hardware from vibration during play. IPI wants architects, contractors, facility owners, risk managers, and our dealers to know that IPI is serious about safety and continues to seek ways to lead the industry in safety initiatives.

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