The largest international and IPI by Bison equipment order is currently being installed at the Canada Centre, located in Regina, Saskatoon, Canada. This facility will showcase six ceiling basketball systems, two T-Rex Competition portables, three divider walk draw curtains to separate the basketball courts, over 50 wall and column pads, four complete Centerline Elite volleyball systems, 12 badminton competition systems, and 11 indoor bleachers with 22 player benches. 

The project came to Lee Ramirez, International Sales Agent, through Omni Sport, a Canadian dealer from Alberta. The dealer has been promoting and presenting IPI equipment to Omni and other clients since 2021. After revising the quote multiple times to meet the client’s vision and equipment needs, the deal was finalized. 

“This facility will showcase IPI equipment and impress upon other international facilities that we are able to service and accommodate their sports equipment requirements,” Ramirez said. 

Since 2021, Ramirez has quoted over $200,000 in projects to Omni. This is the first sold project in what Ramirez hopes will lead to more in the near future. 

The project wouldn’t have been possible without everyone working together to make it happen. 

“Many thanks to all involved with this project through all of its phases, from quoting, accounting, fabrication, and packaging and shipping,” Ramirez said. “Special thanks to Dave and Aryssa for their engineering design on this project and quick turnarounds on revised drawings.”

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