Padding is an important factor to consider when looking at ways to improve the safety and appearance of a facility. It is often the final component installed in a complete gym package including backstops, divider curtains, volleyball and wall padding.

“Many contractors and facility operators prefer the ‘one-stop shopping’ of buying all of these items from a single source supplier and having all items installed at one time,” said Dave Smith, Project Manager.

IPI by Bison can create protective padding for almost any wall, fence, stage or other surface where padding is required for indoor or outdoor sports facilities. Padding can be installed anywhere students or athletes may have contact with walls or other obstacles. Some examples of this include:

  • Wall pads at the end of sprint lanes to protect runners
  • Specially shaped pads on stage fronts or around steel building beams to protect anyone who might accidentally come in contact with themPadding is available from standard 2’ wide by 6’ high and 2” thick sections to custom designed wall, pillar, stage or fence padding of all sizes and shapes.“Wall padding orders range from facilities adding a few
  • Wall pads behind basketball backboards to protect players

Standard wall pads for safety or orders with graphic pads to spruce up their gym or new field houses or wrestling rooms,” Smith said. “These facilities may require 200 or more wall pads to provide total wall coverage for athlete safety.”

IPI has padding options to meet every applicable building code requirement, including Firewall™ padding.

Firewall™ padding is seen most often in large, densely populated cities with strict fire codes. States such as New York and California and cities like Boston and Chicago require this type of padding in most new facilities.

The advantage to Firewall™ padding is the slower burn rate and reduced smoke and toxins released if it does burn in a facility fire.

IPI also offers graphic wall padding as an upgrade to solid color vinyl padding to meet facility needs. IPI has a graphic design staff that can work with you to create the perfect graphic to enhance any facility. All printed graphics have a thick, clear liquid laminated coating over the printing to create and maintain a sharp, clear image. Solid color padding is available in 18 colors and is often the choice when there are circumstances that may make graphic padding a challenge or budget is a factor.

IPI by Bison also has scorer’s tables and chairs available to match padding.

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